PA and Equipment Hire
We have a large selection of professional PA equipment for DJs and musicians that can be hired individually or as part of one of our PA deals as listed below.  These packages are listed mainly as a guide as we know that every client has their own individual needs, and items from our equipment page can be added/exchanged if requested.
If there is any item you require that is not on our list them please contact us with what you need and we may be able to source it for you.

Delivery and Setup
Self operated (dry hired) equipment can be collected and returned to our office in Glasgow.  We also provide a delivery/pickup service starting at £20.00, including setup and configuration of your system.

'Self Operated' Systems and Engineer Hire

All equipment hired on a 'self operated' basis is on the agreement that whoever sets up and operates the equipment has a basic understanding of sound equipment, with full details on our Terms and Conditions.  More complex systems may require setup and operation by one of our experienced live engineers who can deliver, setup and operate the equipment at your event to the highest professional level.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

 Sample Sound System Packages

DJ PA System
£130.00 per day (self operated), £150 with delivery


1200W stereo speaker system for use in small to medium sized halls (100-200 capacity), with 15" subs for extra bass.

Deal includes:

- Stereo 12" Studiomaster top speakers (500W)
- Stereo 15" Kam Xtreme Subs (700W)
- Speaker poles
- Crown XLS2500 amplifier
- Pioneer DJM-250 two channel DJ mixer


Singer/Songwriter PA
£60.00 per day (self operated)


Compact but powerful stereo PA system for solo acoustic gigs, small open mic nights and similar sized events.  Can be set up in minutes and is easy to operate.

Deal includes:

- 2 x Achat 112MA active speakers (350W)
- Soundcraft Notepad mixer (2 mic inputs, 2 instrument inputs and 2 stereo inputs for laptop/mp3 players)
- 1 x vocal mic kit
- Speaker stands


Vocal PA system
£150.00 per day (self operated), £220 with engineer


Ideal for larger acoustic nights and small functions (capacity 100) with 2 vocal mics, a stage monitor speaker and an 8 channel mixer with high quality echo and reverb FX.  This is a simplified system designed for ease of setup but requires a basic knowledge of sound system setup and operation.

Deal includes:

- Stereo 12" Studiomaster speakers (500W)
- Speaker stands
- Crown XLS2500 amplifier
- Active stage monitor (120W)
- Soundcraft EFX8 mixer (8 mic/instrument inputs, digital FX)
- 2 x vocal mic kit


Full Band PA
From £200.00 per day (self operated), £300.00 with engineer


Suitable for full bands requiring high quality sound reinforcement at small to medium-sized functions (150-200 capacity).  Features subs for extra bass response, twin linked stage monitors and an 8 channel mixer with digital delay and reverb FX.

This system is more complex than the basic vocal PA and requires intermediate (or greater) knowledge of sound systems for setup and operation if hired on a self-operated basis.  One of our live engineers is recommended with this system.

Deal includes:

- Stereo 12" Studiomaster top speakers (500W)
- Stereo 15" Kam Extreme Subs (800W)
- 2 x Achat active stage monitors (linked)
- Speaker poles
- Crown XLS2500 amplifier
- Soundcraft EFX8 mixer (8 mic/instrument inputs, digital reverb & delay)
- 3 x vocal mic kit



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