We provide a wide range of professional recording services as listed below.  Double Plus Recording operates out of Glasgow Music Studios located in the very heart of Glasgow city centre using professional, experienced engineers and state of the art digital recording technology.  From simple single song demos to full album sessions and live sets we can do it all.

- Singer/songwriter recording

- Full band demo, EP and album sessions

- Professional mixing and mastering

- Remixing and production services

- Live multitrack gig recording

- Professional voice overs

Recording Rates and Packages

Suitable for:
1 hour (standard rate)
Singing to backing track
or 1 solo acoustic song
2 hours
2-3 solo acoustic songs
or 2-3 song mixing session
5 hours
1 song full band
(multi tracked)
or Solo acoustic EP
(3-5 songs)
10 hours
Solo acoustic album
(10 songs),
or Band single session
(2 songs tracked)
or Band live EP session
(5 songs recorded live)

30 hrs (3 x 10 hour days)
Full band EP session
(3-5 songs tracked)
or full band live album
(10 songs)
50 hours (5 x 10 hour days)
Full band album recording
(10 songs tracked)
Live gig recording
Multi track recording
and mix of live set
From £70

 - ADR and post production audio

- Studio recording experiences

- Recording to backing tracks

- Childrens recording parties
- Hen/Stag night recording parties





Standard studio recording and mixing rate is £32 per hour.

Please note: A 50% deposit is required for bookings. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be used towards another session if at least 24 hours cancellation notice is given.

Raw audio files from your session can be purchased at additional cost.

For all bookings and availability please visit our contact page.

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